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maria parenteau

Meet the artist

The Visual Poetry


Maria Parenteau was born in the most amazing architectural marvel ever built in Brazil – the Federal District of Brasilia –Her first art influence was designed by Oscar Niemeyer and was symbol of the Country’s ascension to modernity, it is awarded as a Historical and Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


 She is a fine artist, a creative, independent thinker, a philanthropist and a social entrepreneur with innovative ideas to rethink poverty around the globe.


She began to pursue her art at the former French Art Academy learning drawing. To continuing her education and passion, Parenteau moved to Boston and started a collection of paintings called Passarada, where she used the imagery of birds to portray people and life situation. This series brought her international success and recognition in the art world, with the first phase, The First One to Arrive, she was accepted at the Cambridge Art Association in Cambridge Mass. But the most important part of Passarada was the Masterpiece phase when she created her most known two art works: The Winter Sparrows and the Japanese Ladies and Serenity, with them she became member of the LaJolla art Association when she moved to San Diego Ca and created the BirdRock Art Studio. She is also a teacher, a pastry chef, a Portuguese linguist and a speaker.

Maria Parenteau, fine artist
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