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Drawing Classes For Kids - 5 sessions

Drawing Classes and Black and White Abstract Art

  • 2 hours
  • 250 US dollars
  • In my studio in Pacific Beach or at your place

Service Description

Drawing Classes and Black and White Abstract Art This is what we are going to have fun learning: Pencil. Improve your knowledge about pencils like what HB stands for and what is the difference between 2B pencil and a 2H pencil and what all different kinds of pencils are available in the market and so on. Colors and brushes. Improve your knowledge about all types of color mediums like crayons, oil pastels, water colors, pencil colors, soft pastels, paints and learn about round and flat brushes. Shapes. Learn to draw all types of shapes like circle, oval, triangle, square, rectangle, cone, cylindrical, and move on to trapezium, semicircle, kite, heart shape, eye shape and cloud shape. Lines. Learn to draw lines like standing, sleeping, slanting, dotted, wavy, and curly, zig zag, and curvy lines, and "m" and "w" shaped lines. Alphabet drawings. Learn to draw basic things around us using alphabets and shapes. Alphabets and shapes help kids learn drawing easily. Basic elements. Learn to draw trees, houses, flowers, clouds, mountains, water, island, and the sun and make some simple nature scenes, draw some cityscapes and seascapes. Shading. Learn basic shading and coloring at the level that kids require. Begin with pencil shading first and then go for coloring. For the 3 to 7 year age group hardly any shading is required. Drawing living things. Learn to draw animals, birds, and insects, and try to draw all these with the help of shapes. The human body. Learn to draw human body actions like sitting, standing, running, jumping, walking. Start with a boy and girl and move on to topics like 'My family'. Craft materials. Learn about various craft products available in the market like sheets, origami papers, cardboards, punches, calligraphy pens, flower making materials, greeting cards embellishments. Craft ideas. Learn to make greeting cards, printing making basics, flower making, punch craft, quilling, school projects.

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Crown Point Dr, San Diego, CA, USA

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