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Flying Away for Hours and Hours

It was surreal when I realized I was in the dark skies flying away for hours and hours. I had lost myself in the middle of the night, and the control of my mind and thoughts were floating right beside me like giant, transparent, thin ribbons trembling in the wind of my imagination.

Very slowly I sensed that I was completely alone in a remote and vast infinity somewhere in the universe. With the exception of some black tiny clouds very far away, it was not possible to see anything. I was lost in an immensity that I did not recognize. I could not be dead, but It looked like everybody and everything had vanished.

I reached out to touch myself and I could sense my body. I was relieved but I noticed that it was very heavy, it felt different, unacquainted and… strangely my body as I knew it was not there anymore.

I was already emerging into a state of shock when I noticed those enormous wings attached to my being. I could even hear the sounds of the gigantic flapping, which gave me chills over my body--that strange one that I was not in possession of anymore.

I grasped for coherence: Me, drifting away to nowhere hundreds and hundreds of miles above in a dark atmosphere for an indefinite time--- flying? floating? People don't, actually fly, I assured myself...I quit trying to access the situation but I was too paralyzed and amused to make sense of anything.

Where am I? How did I get here? Is this real, and if it is not, how do I get back to reality? Hundreds of questions crossed my brain like sharp lightning in a stormy night. Without answers of any kind I just kept...flying away.

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