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I See Another Dimension


A real artist has a patron, find yours,

I have these birds bothering me to tell their stories as if it would be easy to discuss about such mysterious things. "I feel embarrassed," I protested but they didn’t care.

"It is ease, it guarantee to me, it is proved that everything made with excellence will prosper and, you have no choice, art is your message, it is your journey."

How people will believe me or listen to me. What if they say: you never saw this dimension? Tell them you are an artist, just an artist, it is simple like that. So I did.

A partnership between artist and patrons is very nourishing. It is not only important for the economic benefit of each other but for the discussion, grown, encouragement and the enhancement of ideas. Being influencers,they together have the power to touch hearts and inspire society. Art is just a documentation of history, the artist has the perception and the skills, the patron has the vision and the power, and both of them have the passion to create and to leave a legacy for posterity. In any way you look you just see great minds working together for the enlightenment of humanity.

I have a great story idea to tell, I see another dimension.

I am looking for patrons, I am looking for you

get in touch at:

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