Mirrors and Reflectors, Flames and Glows; Blazes, Brilliance, Dazzles, Lights and Shadows and Glares

My life took another turn during a trip I took to a paradise city on the coast of Brazil. There, intoxicated by the beauty and surreal circumstances, something very big unveiled itself and for my great surprise I start to see another dimension that was happening in front of me simultaneously with reality and I had never paid attention to it before. My eyes were open and start to look for natural mirrors and reflectors, flames, glows, blazes, brilliance, dazzles, lights, shadows and glares; I saw that everything is reflected everywhere.

For instance If I have you right here in front of me I would be able to see many dimensions….I will see you, I will see inside you, I will see my image reflected on your eyes and the reflection of the surroundings right on that screen.

This is a tiny bit of me. I am writing a book... the genre is fantastic reality. You are going to love it.

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