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The Brain and the Moon

The moon arrived earlier than usual and placed itself on the top of the tree which guards the front of the house, it waited for me there, and when I got to the porch it start her journey climbing to the heavens on her own shiny path while covering the skies with a joyful fluorescent blue.

I opened all the doors and windows and let it invade my scene. It covered the furniture, became a sibilant carpet on the floor and lied down on the bed with me entertaining funny stories about people from far away, and the love drama she has been witnessing since the beginning of the world. To illustrate the stories it covered the walls with geometric shapes, dancing shadows and embroidered murals telling me secrets that I have never imagined before that the moon could have.

I stayed there, for long time, with big open eyes learning wisdom and being hypnotized by that allusive but remarkable presence.

Was late into the night and the light coming from the door and the windows were still creating art on the walls and ceiling. Now, with great enthusiasm, it was detailing the tales with hundreds of spaces divided only by obfuscated dreams, moving shadows and enchanted furtive flames which looked more like flying fairies crossing the walls, propelled by the occasional headlight of a lonely car passing by.

Now I know that only part of me fail asleep because when I thought I was resting and refreshing, I was awake and active in the middle of the night, with my brain still engaged in a primitive trance with the moon, it was unresponsive like if it was completely absorbed by the beauty. It looked overtaken by the dazzle and tired as it was it could not stop looking, sucking the light and courtship with nocturnal.

I have to explain to my brain that we were not in a party, that the moon came and it was going away without giving us any hope of commitment, we did not need to make the effort to hold it, it could never stay, even if we begged for. At that moment, preventing sadness I calmly closed all the doors and windows and nursed my brain as if it was a toddler at bed time.

I got cozy under the blankets, closed my eyes and keept imagining calming words, “this is delicious”, I said believing it, “what a delight be under these blankets”…deliiiiicious…deliii


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